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In accordance with the legislation of the Czech Republic, the Company provides services only to qualified investors!

Opportunity Fund

Flexible, highly diversified investments in IPO shares on the recommendation of HTIF Managers. Placement of available funds in highly liquid stocks and bonds of issuers of the USA, EU, and China

EN: KID Opportunity Fund

Sector stocks (IPO) Diversified Stocks High Quality Stocks High Quality Bonds
up to 80%* at least 10%* up to 10%* up to 20%*
Reward ~40%

*Portfolio's Asset Composition


  • Management and consulting fee is 0.3% per month
  • Performance fee is 30% of positive returns (charged quarterly)
  • Operating costs, which include, but are not limited to, brokerage fees and commissions, custody fees, ongoing registration, listing and quotation fees, including transfer costs from 0.05 to 5%
  • Transition fee charged when you transfer from another Fund to this one is 0,15%
  • Exit fee for partial or full withdrawal of Assets before the scheduled time is 3%