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In accordance with the legislation of the Czech Republic, the Company provides services only to qualified investors!

About HTIF

High Tech Investment Fund

About Company

High Tech Investment Fund (HTIF) – a private asset management company, incorporated under the laws of the Czech Republic. HTIF is dedicated to investing predominantly in the IPO of companies with global ambitions in the tech sector. In addition, some of the assets will be subject to the strategy of “long and short positions” and the strategy of “interest income”, which implies the purchase of fixed-income bonds, as well as shares of leading companies that pay dividends on a stable basis.

Core values and goals

Core values of HTIF are transparency, integrity, and discipline. These principles as well as the internal organizational culture and constant self-improvement of HTIF employees, allow investors to feel like our full-fledged partners, to be confident in the safety and multiplication of their funds, always being aware of all events in HTIF.

Goals and objectives of HTIF are to invest the human capital of our team of professionals in asset management, achieving high results that conribute to the growth of the company and increase the cost of capital of our partners.

  • Risk-adjusted returns.
  • Consistent excess returns.
  • Timely responses, advice, and high-touch service.
  • Getting richer.

Our team

Responsible for asset management

Ilya Kalyanov
Founder and Managing Director
Director and Investment Manager and overseeing all investment management activities at HTIF. Ilya brings in-depth knowledge of high yielding investments with decades of experience in global financial market.
Maksim Bersenev
Director of the Asset Management Department
Has over 20 years of trading experience in global stock market and constantly follows industry trends and research to ensure that we are always on the cutting edge when it comes to portfolio management.
Arseny Egiazarov
Director of the Analytical Department
An expert with over 25 years of experience on quantitative investment strategies and has developed many of the proprietary AI-driven and analytical models used by HTIF.


Our team has decades of experience with the world’s top investing firms, offering deep sector knowledge to drive sustainable growth.


Location/ Jurisdiction – Czech Republic. HTIF is registered as an asset management company and regulated according to the Law of the Czech Republic. HTIF within itself proposes several Funds with different investment strategy, financial Instruments ratio and risk mitigation.

Investment amount – low minimum investment amount for qualified investors, US$100,000. (For example, USA hedge funds are legally entitled to serve only qualified investors, with an initial contribution of at least US$5 million for private investors and US$25 million for institutional investors; In the European Union, the minimum amount is 125,000 euros.)

Participation in the IPO - HTIF cooperates with underwriters, as well as with the leading brokers operating in the USA market. This allows to participate in the IPO of companies with global ambitions in the tech sector, where we can leverage our cumulative knowledge and business models with more liquidity and diversification than a typical private equity fund.

Team – Our team has decades of experience with the world’s top investing firms, offering deep sector knowledge, proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) designed to systematize the fundamental investment process and over 25 years of experience to drive sustainable growth.