Saving money is wise, but investing is profitable
In accordance with the legislation of the Czech Republic, the Company provides services only to qualified investors!
Bonds denominated in U.S. dollars or euros
The product is intended for qualified investors, including those who do not have enough experience and time to invest on their own in the stock and bond market, but aim to earn a quarterly income more than the deposit, while maintaining a low level of investment risk.
High Income Opportunity Fund
IPO, +40%
Flexible, highly diversified investments in IPO shares on the recommendation of HTIF Managers. Placement of available funds in highly liquid stocks and bonds of issuers of the USA, EU, and China
High Income Diversified Fund
IPO & Stocks, +18%
A classic mixed investment fund that places funds in highly liquid stocks and bonds issued by the US, EU, and China
High Yield Bond Fund
Bonds, +6%
US and EU Issuers Liquid Bond Fund

Private asset management company

High Tech Investment Fund

Portfolio management and Investor enablement
  • Relationship mapping: identifying nonintuitive relationships between securities and market indicators.
  • Alternative data: monitoring search engines for words on specific topics to structure hedging strategies.
  • Modeling: automated empirical and analytical approach to certain areas of investment.
  • Automated insight: identify inflection points in tone on earnings transcripts with deep learning sentiment analysis.
Front, middle, and back office efficiency
  • Operations intelligence: using machine learning to automate functions.
  • Powering risk performance: AI-based algorithms and machine learning to monitor for suspicious transactions, and trigger response protocols.
  • Reporting and servicing: generating reporting for Investors, portfolio and risk commentary, and marketing material using natural language processing.
  • On-demand reporting: chatbots and machine learning used to respond to Investor or employee queries.
  • Employee insights: monitor employee conduct risk and employee morale.
HTIF Telegram Bot
The information and analytical Telegram bot HTIF Bot is designed to help our Company's clients in quick access to fund news, analytical information, and current exchange quotations.

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