Saving money is wise, but investing is profitable
In accordance with the legislation of the Czech Republic, the Company provides services only to qualified investors!

Real Estate FUND


Secondary residential real estate Secondary commercial real estate

up to 70% (purchase of residential property on the secondary market)

up to 30% (purchase of commercial real estate in the secondary market)

Reward ~12%


  • Performance fee is 10% of positive returns (charged monthly)
  • Transition fee charged when you transfer from another Fund to this one is 0.25%
  • Exit fee for partial or full withdrawal of Assets before the scheduled time is 3%


  • Minimum investment period is 3 years  
  • The minimum amount of investment in the FUND is US$100,000*
  • Geography of investment objects - Europe, Israel
  • Frequency of income payment - monthly/quarterly/annually/at the end of the contract period
  • Minimum amount of investments in other funds (if participating in the Real Estate Fund) is US$50,000

* Investments can be both cash and assets (real estate), with regard to compliance with the minimum amount of investment in assessing the value of the transferred real estate