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V souladu s legislativou České republiky poskytuje Společnost služby pouze kvalifikovaným investorům!



The HTIFirst strategy assumes investing in a portfolio of bonds denominated in U.S. dollars or euros, providing a stable coupon flow. The fund's model structure, as well as its risk constraints, assumes investment in highly-rated U.S. corporate bonds and government securities, as well as government and corporate bonds of developing countries. At the same time, a small portion of the fund is placed in U.S. blue chip stocks.

All income received by the fund, consisting of coupon payments as well as income received from the sale of fund assets, will be paid quarterly to the bank account specified by the investor


The product is intended for qualified investors, including those who do not have enough experience and time to invest on their own in the stock and bond market, but aim to earn a quarterly income more than the deposit, while maintaining a low level of investment risk.


Market risk is manifested in unfavorable changes in prices (value) of financial instruments, also due to negative changes in political situation, sharp devaluation of national currency, government debt market crisis, banking and currency crisis, force majeure circumstances, mainly of natural and military nature, and as a result may lead to lower yields or even losses

US blue chips about 20% of the fund (financial instrument with a moderate level of risk, based on the high liquidity stock market)
U.S. government bonds about 5% of the fund (government bonds issued by the national government to support government spending. Low-risk financial instrument)
U.S. corporate bonds about 20% of the fund (low-risk financial instrument)
Corporate bonds of developing countries about 25% of the fund (low-risk financial
Government bonds of developing countries about 30% of the fund (government bonds
issued by the national government to support public spending. Low-risk financial instrument)


  • Management and consulting fee is 0.3% per month
  • Performance fee is 30% of positive returns (charged quarterly)
  • Operating costs, which include, but are not limited to, brokerage fees and commissions, custody fees, ongoing registration, listing and quotation fees, including transfer costs from 0.05 to 5%
  • Transition fee charged when you transfer from another Fund to this one is 0,15%
  • Exit fee for partial or full withdrawal of Assets before the scheduled time is 3%


  • QUARTERLY payment of returns to the investor's account, including those outside the Russian Federation
  • Minimum investment period is – 1 year
  • The minimum amount of investment in the FUND is US$100,000*

* Investments can be both cash and assets (shares, bonds). In the case of cryptocurrency investments, the distribution of fund's asset shares does not apply (section FUND SHARES)